So..... You want to know the truth behind the Pyramids?

an allegorical piece of time...

Posted by Edwin Veryman




My name is Edwin Veryman (I have used an alias to protect my family and friends) and although native to London England, I currently live in Aberdeen Scotland. I am aged 28 and I work off-shore as a rigger in the North Sea petrochemical industry. What I am about to disclose you may choose to believe or not, and to be quite honest I don't really care..... my only purpose in writing this document is to let the truth be known.

I admit I carry no great academic authority regarding this subject, I ask only that you judge my words for yourselves and form your own opinions. I should state however, that what I say should NOT be regarded merely as opinion, but the truth. This truth was revealed to me about ten years ago whilst recovering from a serious fall, I remain to this day an enthusiastic mountain climber. I was apparently in coma for about three weeks and although I was told that I was totally unconscious for this period, I know that I was fully conscious, only I was in another place, and perhaps another time entirely.....

During my period of consciousness or "unconsciousness" I met with many people. These were not people that I knew, but people from an alien culture. By alien I do not mean extraterrestrial, but alien in the sense that, whilst undeniably human, they were from a different time and culture.

Communication was a problem at first, no language as we know it was used. I would hear their words yet no sound was uttered..... I quickly became aware that I was experiencing total truth in their communication. There were no words for me to interpret, no strange expressions for me to translate, they were speaking directly to my mind. I was experiencing telepathy.

I could give you the names of those that I met, but it would serve no purpose, suffice to say they were all very caring and honest people. I could tell you that they were ancient Egyptian, but this would serve only to confuse matters. Indeed they lived in the area we now know as Egypt, but in a time far removed and much more ancient to that which we think about in terms of Egyptian antiquity. They came from the time before time and I was honoured to be a guest in their land for a short period.

They informed me about the pyramids, principally those located at the Giza plateau in Egypt. They demonstrated their construction methods and told me of their great purpose. I will tell you about this and more shortly, but before I do that, perhaps I should tell you a bit about how I came to find you and this internet site.



I have been surfing the net for a couple of years now looking for a corner to tell my story. I had been informed that this is what I was to do, only I had to find the correct minds. I was to find people who were open minded and receptive. People who would not prejudge, but people who would listen, evaluate and understand. I thought I had found the right place about six months ago when I came across the Futurefate site and read many of your posts on the message board there.....

But there was a problem, the contributors were too varied and there was unease in the air, so I waited. I continued to seek other sites on the web without luck and for similar harmony reasons I continued to wait. Then I found your link from Futurefate to here. I have been watching the posts for about a month now and I believe I have found the correct group of minds. I know I have found the right people.

I emailed Bob with this message, which hopefully he will publish (and perhaps tidy up some of my grammar and spelling). Everything fell into place, I am in Scotland and this site is based in Scotland, you have been discussing the pyramids at various times and obviously hold an interest, but most importantly there is harmony and I believe that you are people who will listen.



The pyramids at Giza are more ancient than any of you can imagine..... they are, in truth, close to 35,000 years old. They have been rebuilt many times, once in their entirety and three times in part. Their current construction follows the original architectural plan set out by my hosts and whose words I now reiterate.

The first construction of the pyramids was undertaken wrongly, hence the need to reconstruct later. This was due to an error in the calculation of the Earth's magnetic field, I will tell more about his shortly. The construction method was sonic control, sound was used to lift the giant megalithic blocks into place and each of the constructions took no more than a couple of months to complete. The work force required to complete each construction was at most thirty seven people. I should mention at this point that I have seen this sonic control at work. There is no apparatus and it is achieved through use of the group focused mind (twenty eight people in the group, seemed to be a kind of magical number for some reason). I never was able to master this myself, but I saw it working first hand.

The blocks of stone and granite used in the construction were cut by hand, not as we might imagine by an army of stonemasons with hammer and chisel but by one or two individuals using a screwdriver like tool. With this tool they were able to carve through huge blocks of stone like butter, this to a highly accurate measure within a few minutes.

Transportation of the block was undertaken in a manner not unlike that which we have seen on the TV show Startrek, with blocks dematerialising and materialising at the will of the Architect. This operation also used the sonic control process - I genuinely believe that this is an area of science that we have yet to fully understand.

Much has been made by our academics about the source of the stone and granite used, in truth I tell you that the majority of materials used actually came from outwith the locale, and by locale I refer to Egypt. Granite was brought from South America and other blocks brought in from Siberia. In fact the quality of the material was of the utmost importance and the resources of the entire planet were utilised.

Please stay with me through my story..... I know much of what I have to say will sound fantastic and some might even sound so far fetched as to be totally unbelievable, but I assure you what I say here is the reality of the matter.

None of what I have said thus far about the construction is of any real importance. What really matters is the purpose behind the pyramids. Why were they constructed?

The pyramids were constructed not for what we see, in other words the physical construction above ground, but for what we don't see. It is what is under the pyramids that is of the greatest value, it is what the pyramids hide that is most important.

Under each of the three main pyramids at Giza there is a shaft, the shafts bore straight down for a distance of about five hundred feet, none of the three are currently known to those active in academic research in the area. Each of these shafts can be compared to a lift, only without gears and pulleys. There is no box with a door that closes and no turning of gears and lowering or lifting. These shafts connect each of the constructions to an underground complex, a city. The city of my hosts.

The shafts are designed to transport people to and from the city under Giza. The shafts again work through sonics and use a form of magnetic induction to raise and lower their loads. I should point out here that although involved in the technologically advanced petrochemical industry in the North Sea, I am no scientist. I believe that the information I give will help you to understand and explain to me the mechanics or lack of them.

I will tell more about the city under Giza and its purpose in a moment, but I would like to talk a bit about the pyramid constructions themselves. The pyramids were built as a deception, they were created for one reason, and one reason only..... to keep prying eyes and inquisitive minds away from discovering the city, until the right time. Everything in the pyramids is the opposite of what it seems. Where an entrance is discovered in the north, we should really be looking in the south, where we look up we should be looking down and so on..... The mathematical formulae and scientific knowledge we have discovered in the constructions is nothing more than a game, the whole pyramid complex, above ground at least, is a labyrinth of confusion created to occupy our minds in the wrong direction.

We have been looking above when we should have been looking below.



Our planet Earth has lived and died many times, as have we, so I was informed by my hosts. Having read many of your previous posts I know that some of you agree with this thinking, personally I have trouble believing fully the concept, however I am open to the possibility. My hosts explained to me that there is one truth that never dies, one spirit that lives on even when all around it dies. WISDOM. They explained wisdom to me as being the use of knowledge through the emotion of love and that all knowledge and all love that ever was, is contained in the city under Giza. Indeed, they explained that the city under Giza is knowledge and is love.

They went on to explain that we, the human race as we are now, although living in their future, are their beginning. We are the source of all they were. Ours is the knowledge and ours is the love that created the past. They explained it to me as being like a loop and that the past is in reality our future and that the future is really our past. I still find this hard to understand but I accept their words as truth, because I saw it and touched it with my own heart, soul and mind.

They told me that city under Giza is ours now to discover and I wish nothing greater than the opportunity to visit again, I truly hope we can make the journey together.


Edwin Veryman (1997)



I would like to thank Edwin for his contribution to our site and hope he will continue to visit, perhaps we will meet him on the message board or in the chat room at some later

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